Dollshot's debut, eponymous album reinvents songs by Schoenberg, Poulenc, and Ives along with adventurous originals. Featuring Rosalie Kaplan (voice); Noah Kaplan (saxophones); Wes Matthews (piano); and Giacomo Merega (electric bass). 

"What lurks in the layers riled into service of harsh and uncertain gaiety that cracks the fence is the delivery system of Dollshot beyond the billowing mortality of duty and pain."    -- Hampton Fancher (excerpt from Dollshot liner notes.)


Named in Top Ten of 2011 by Francis Davis

“... the moody material [Dollshot] serves up on the bandstand is as likely something by Schoenberg, Poulenc, or Ives as by Jimmy Van Heusen or one of the group’s members. The group’s sound is impossible to pigeonhole, and well worth lending an ear.” -- Time Out New York

“Updates of classical music are a risky proposition, rarely delivering a thrill equal to the original. Here’s an interesting exception. The songs are expanded on, but much of their original superb harmony is retained, as are their moods, generally a sort of fin de siècle brooding that's carried over to the originals by Matthews and N. Kaplan and the jazz standard “Here's That Rainy Day” (Burke-Van Heusen). It’s haunting in a ominous way that Dresden Dolls can only dream of.” -- The Big Takeover

“The music’s high sense of drama, combined with Kaplan’s sweetly sonorous voice, may recall... groups like Slapp Happy or Art Bears. The alternating segments of cabaret and free music give the impression of two parallel conversations, using a popular genre to convey more avant garde intentions.” -- New York City Jazz Record

“While Dollshot's instrumental combination of vocals, piano, saxophone and bass may not seem out of the ordinary, the music they make with those instruments will be unlike anything you've heard. From Schoenberg cabaret tunes to Poulnec deep cuts, Dollshot performs their repertoire (including originals) with sparkling creativity. They often exude the off-kilter feel of 20th century modernist compositions fused with the laid back atmosphere of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue.” - Jacob Sunder, Beacon Pass

“Dollshot are a local quartet who cover an unusual selection of songs by modern classical composers like Arnold Schoenberg, Francis Poulenc & Charles Ives, as well as an old jazz standard and a couple of originals. It is rare to hear a local ensemble cover such odd material, but this is no regular quartet... I really dig that it is adventurous, often restrained, simultaneously forcing us to look closer at the crafty arrangements. Dollshot is/are one of the most unexpected gems I've heard recently.” - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

“Frontwoman Rosalie Kaplan’s otherworldly beautiful, crystalline high soprano, which she colors with a rapidfire vibrato in places, makes a perfectly deadpan!vehicle for this material. Pianist Wes Matthews circles and stabs with a coroner’s precision in the upper registers for a chilly... moonlit ambience. In the band’s most punk moments, tenor saxophonist Noah Kaplan is the ringleader .... Bassist Giacomo Merega alternates between precise accents and booming atmospherics that rise apprehensively from the depths below.” - Lucid Culture, NYC