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Dollshot is a word meets a word -- fragile meets violence, glitter meets doom. Like Portishead meets Schubert meets Miles Davis —art song meets death jazz, broken up and split apart. Dollshot is delusional melodies stretched over grinding romantic chords, melted and retuned.

Indie-pop band Dollshot is Rosie and Noah Kaplan, husband and wife, a delicate, expressive voice and a lurching saxophone. Rosalie, from small-town Virginia, and Noah, from the canyons of Los Angeles, meet at New England Conservatory, move to Brooklyn, and write songs that pull at the threads of their outsider influences—chanson of nineteenth-century Paris, microtonal harmony from the self-taught lunatic composers, free jazz from the shriekers of the off-the-grid sixties.

Dollshot’s new album is Lalande. The title, from Clarice Lispector’s Near to the Wild at Heart, is, like the band, just beyond reach, a here meets a not-yet-here: “Lalande is also the night sea, when no one has set eyes on the beach yet, when the sun hasn’t risen.”

Lalande is the product of three years of intensive writing, composing, and traveling, between Topanga Canyon, Brooklyn, and Princeton. The album evokes the afterimage of west coast wilderness—coyotes in the chaparral, the neon-blue Pacific—fading against the brick and bent steel of industrial New York, liminal New Jersey. Lalande began while Noah and Rosie were assisting screenwriter Hampton Fancher as he wrote the screenplay for Blade Runner 2049, and grew out of the dark fantasy of that world. The album is, like those years of wandering and working, a story of entanglement, of romantic yearning; a sci-fi avant-noir dream. The voice and saxophone are now entwined and dissonant, now tuned and sympathetic. The drums are now punishing, now loose and enveloping. Rosie sings like a girl with a secret. There is, always, a sense of the unmoored, like slipping into a bend in space.

Co-produced by Lawson White at Studio G in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Lalande features lyrics by Rosie, Hampton Fancher (of Blade Runner fame), and Chaucer. Mike Pride on drums, Wes Matthews on keys, Peter Bitenc on bass. Kevin McFarland of the JACK quartet on tuned and detuned cello. The title track single and music video "Lalande" will be out June 16th, 2017. The full studio album  release and tour dates will be announced later this summer.

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"Paradise flat" & "swan gone"