the outhaus

 A former beauty salon in Mid-City, Los Angeles, the Outhaus is a new space dedicated to music that breaks through the glass of the past with what's to come. 

Third Annual Underwolf at the Outhaus July 31, August 1 & 2, 2019
2724 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

Join us for three nights of sonic exploration. Seating is limited; a $15 donation is suggested. RSVP in advance:

 Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 8pm

special screening: the advent of pop art, Hampton Fancher’s Beach Parking 
metals vibrating with voltage and breath from synthesist Daniel Silliman and trombonist Matt Barbier
sprawling visions of the mesmerizing crosscurrents from novelist Ivy Pochoda
virtuosic avant-amazing intrepid heroes Liebig/Golia Duo (Steuart Liebig, Vinny Golia)

Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 8pm

special screening: the advent of pop art, Hampton Fancher’s Beach Parking 
clarinets meet resonance meets songs meet synthesis with hi (Julie Herndon, John Ivers)
stunning precision blooms into roaring complexity with cellist Ashley Walters
intoxicating sub-melodies refracted from unperceived depths with A n D (Devin Sarno, Ang Wilson)

Friday, August 2, 2019 at 8pm

transportive kinetic storm of rare frequencies by Christopher Douthitt 
hypnotic clatter makes palpable silence from phantom sound with electronicist Daniel Allas
lithic sound scoured from rough surfaces by Tasting Menu (Tim Feeney, Cassia Streb, Cody Putman)
stratospheric ripplings channeled as tremendous sonic light by vocalist Carmina Escobar

Outhaus Inside


HERMETIC ART PARTY (PARTY) - Cassette Release Show

Sunday, Nov. 4, 8PM

Underwolf Records is pleased to present the Los Angeles debut of Hermetic Art Party, who will be celebrating the self-release of their new cassette at this special, one-night-only event featuring robots, texts, sounds, sense, and light.

@ The Outhaus
2724 South Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, CA
Doors at 7:30pm, Music at 8:00pm
Admission by suggested donation: $15 general / $10 student

Hermetic Art Party is a long-form exploration of sound and light composition, with music by Anthony Vine (guitar) and Madison Greenstone (clarinets/objects), and video projections by Katy Gilmore. The work is a glacial meditation on a limited vocabulary of clarinet multiphonics; each facet and nuance being gradually illuminated over time. Tuned in relation to the clarinet's sonorities, the guitar acts as a reflecting reservoir: echoing, tracing, reinforcing, and shading the clarinet with an ebbing and flowing palette of sustained harmonics. Slowly evolving, hazy color fields of projected light responds to the unfolding sound, establishing another immersive dimension for the audience to situate themselves within.

Anthony Vine is a composer and guitarist currently living in San Diego, California. His music is characterized by a pluralistic approach to tuning and harmony, drawing on just-intonation, instrumental spectra, and other temperaments. Tones are projected by acoustic instruments and simple waveforms, and cast in immersive forms. The music attempts to engage a reflexive mode of listening, wherein one takes notice of their own perceptual faculties, and begins to perceive themselves listening.

Madison Greenstone is a clarinetist currently based is San Diego. She most often plays improvised and contemporary music in solo and chamber music settings predicated on close collaboration. She works within several different composition collectives including Hermetic Art Party, Shy Bather (with Michelle Lou), we are like flowers (mechanical clarinets with Bryan Jacobs), and DAD (Michael Matsuno + T.J. Borden + members of HGNM). Madison has also performed in the context of experimental lecture recital and experimental theater. Recent engagements include a residency at Harvard University and performances as part of the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra. Current projects include an upcoming solo album release on Kendra Steiner Editions and a series of explorations for contrabass clarinet and contained feedback.

Katy Gilmore is a video projection artist based in San Diego. She has spent the last 10 years merging a background in modern dance choreography with a day job in post production film. She currently works at the Media Teaching Lab at UCSD.

Chromatic Heartbreaker auscultates and activates hidden properties of everyday objects. They draw influence from differing magical practices and treat the act of performing as a process of hermeneutic revealing.

Medic is a modal distribution.

UW Summer Fest 2018 June 28-30


June 28-30 2018

Underwolf is pleased to announce the second annual Summer Fest at the Outhaus, a new space for experimental composition, free improvisation, avant-rock, and sonic exploration, with three days of performances from adventurous artists. 


Join us June 28-30 for three nights of experimental composition, improvisation and performance. Seating is limited; advance reservations are available at:

Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 7pm::

phantom resonance and filtered noise from composer / performer Christopher Douthitt

splintered light and shimmering volume from soprano-guitar duo Stephanie Aston and Nicholas Deyoe

mechanically spinning feedback situations from sound artist / composer / performer Viola Yip

mesmerizing cycle-songs from soprano-bass duo Kat and Ben

Friday, June 29, 2018 at 7pm ::

a sputtering of frantic signal-meets-noise cassettes by composer / performer Daniel Silliman

the sprawling sonic and poetic universe of saxophonist / composer / poet         Rob Magill

a wild scavenging of metal and wind by flutist Wilfrido Terrazas

a fearless mapping of new sounds-voices-histories of the violin and viola by Aperture Duo

Saturday, June 30, 2018, at 7pm ::

an unearthing of future archaic melodies by violist Eyvind Kang

the future noir ultrachromatic pop of vocalist-saxophone duo Dollshot

the sideways-bent extra-materiality of trumpeter / multimedia artist / music technologist  Sarah Belle Reid

the exploded reeds and synesthesic haptics of saxophone-percussion duo    Chris Speed / Corey Fogel

Katharina Rosenberger's Shift Album Release

Friday, November 17, 2017 at 8pm

Join us to celebrate the release of SHIFT, a new album of music by Katharina Rosenberger featuring wasteLAnd and RAGE THORMBONES on Hat Hut Records.

Nicholas Deyoe (of wasteLAnd), RAGE THORMBONES, and secret special guests will play three sets of searing, forward-listening compositions and improvisations at the Outhaus, Underwolf's Mid-City avant-bungalow. 
Seating for this concert is limited; you can reserve in advance through Eventbrite.

$10 donation
8:00 :: Nicholas Deyoe, electric guitar
9:00 :: RAGE THORMBONES, trombone duo
10:00 :: Deyoe + RAGE + special guests


underwolf summer Fest

produced by Dollshot, Christopher Douthitt and Daniel Silliman

August 4-6 2017

Underwolf is pleased to announce the opening of the Outhaus, a new space for experimental composition, free improvisation, avant-rock, and sonic exploration, with three days of performances from adventurous artists. We're celebrating with a dozen performances over opening weekend. 
Friday, August 4, 2017 at 7 PM
7:15 :: Gregory Uhlmann
8:00 :: Carolyn Chen
9:00 :: Christopher Douthitt
9:45 :: Andrew McIntosh

Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 7 PM
7:15 :: Logan Hone
8:00 :: Laura Steenberge
9:00 :: Matt Barbier
9:45 :: Dollshot

Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 2 PM
2:15 :: Hampton Fancher (fixed media)
3:00 :: Daniel Silliman
4:00 :: Scott Worthington
4:45 :: Southland Ensemble

Deep listening premieres of recorded works from sound artists Desmond Knight and Hampton Fancher