Rauschenberg Was Weeping

Rauschenberg cover.jpg

Rauschenberg Was Weeping is a collaborative album of hallucinatory near-songs by GRAMMY Award-winning vocalist and writer Rinde Eckert and maverick composer/bassist Quinn Collins.

Recorded over several experimental, improvisatory sessions, Rauschenberg Was Weeping is a rare collision of the philosophical and the instinctual—a study in experimentation, uncertainty, and the limits of knowing anything. Eckert’s texts, like his virtuosic array of vocal personas, search for order in a shuffled deck, finding traces of truth in a disorienting multiplicity of dubious facts. Collins, alternately on bass and guitar, matches Eckert’s deconstructed word-arias with shape-shifting basslines, squelches of electronic noise, and at times, unselfconscious warmth. 

The give-and-take is grounded by a troupe of multitalented players of the downtown jazz, free improvisation, and indie music scenes: Federico Ughi on drums, Leila Adu on vocals, Chris Marianetti (Bang on a Can) on keyboards, Dan Kochersberger (Manhattan Saxophone Quartet) on tenor sax, and Noah and Rosie K (Dollshot) on tenor sax and vocals.