The trio of Merega, Tronzo, and Kaplan takes shape in the realm of a fairly strict/dogmatic microtonal approach with a spontaneous modus operandi and pays particular attention to the textures and sounds produced by prepared bass and guitar. The result is an improvised music that suggests altered landscapes and exists in opaque layers of sounds. Morton Feldman once wrote that painting has a surface and music does not, although music can try to get a surface through the choice of instrumentation and the usage of time. This trio strives to be painterly in its approach. This also where the liason with Paul Klee resides, in the coexistence of figures and textures and their relation of interdependence. Working with sound for this trio means taking advantage of subtraction as much as addition of sounds; it means thinking vertically in a dimension that is not only harmonic; cuts the chain of the brain from the dog of the ear.